Speedy Customer Service
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Error Warning

We’re all human, and what do you do when you have introduced a typo error into a piece of code that has just gone into production…? Well, you liaise with the client, trace the problem through, and admit you cannot spell “Contract” in the variable “ContractDate”. Here is the bug… &StowField(“Date”,”$ContactDateDB”,”‘”,0); The fix was corrected … Read more

Low Cost Bespoke Software
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Unlike Santa, if your business doesn’t have many Elves to help you, maybe it is time to think about using software to help your business. With no up front fees, and from only €70 (or £60) plus VAT per month, we can provide bespoke software for exactly what your business needs. We love to help … Read more

Employer Subsidised Mortgages
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Employer Subsidised Mortgages

It was a real pleasure working with Tony Granger from PG Protect Limited on their new Employer Subsidised Mortgages financial benefits product. The complexities of HMRC tax and national insurance and getting the calculations perfect was both challenging and rewarding. I can say that this is one piece of software I have enjoyed working on, … Read more

Alternative Quotation Modules
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new bespoke software modules

Today, I am writing a module to create two forms of email quotes for a client. This client has a requirement to send either based on what their client needs and it is really interesting to understand the business reasons why both is needed. The module is based on an existing one of ours, and … Read more