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About Mark Smith

Mark Andrew Smith is a software designer and systems analyst. Understanding the needs of small businesses and industry sectors is key. Mark's moto is software should support the business and in doing so is passionate about writing bespoke software to help small businesses get ahead.

New Appointment – Lesley Bizley

As part of our expansion plans, we are very pleased to announce that we have appointed Lesley Bizley as an additional director to Mark Andrew Smith Limited (Eire). Lesley has in the past worked for our UK operation so is very familiar with our operation and software systems before she moved to Ireland. Lesley will… Read More »

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COVID-19 Update

Following the Government’s recent announcement of 10th May 2020, we are still refraining from allowing visitors to enter our premises for the time being.  This is because our client meeting room has been redeployed as a home school.  Instead, please consider an electronic video or conference telephone call.  Thank you.  Stay safe.

Speedy Customer Service

We’re all human, and what do you do when you have introduced a typo error into a piece of code that has just gone into production…? Well, you liaise with the client, trace the problem through, and admit you cannot spell “Contract” in the variable “ContractDate”. Here is the bug… &StowField(“Date”,”$ContactDateDB”,”‘”,0); The fix was corrected… Read More »