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About Mark Smith

Mark Andrew Smith is a software designer and systems analyst. Understanding the needs of small businesses and industry sectors is key. Mark's moto is software should support the business and in doing so is passionate about writing bespoke software to help small businesses get ahead.

Festive Opening 2021
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I hope that you are all well and ready for this Christmas period. As most of you know, each year, we close between Christmas and the New Year and additionally a day either side.  This year is no exception, so we will close at 5pm Thursday 23rd December, and re-open on Wednesday 5th January at… Read More »

Log4j exploit
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We have been alerted that there is a known software bug in an Apache Java module called log4j that can allow an attacker to gain access to your servers. Log4j We can confirm that we do not use log4j nor have it installed on our Apache servers, so we are not affected by the current… Read More »

Internet Explorer Discontinued
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We pride ourselves in developing software that is browser independent, and for years we have included IE (Internet Explorer). For over 25 years, Internet Explorer remained the browser that Microsoft claimed was a core part of their early operating systems and couldn’t be disabled. Microsoft Drops Support for Internet Explorer Yesterday, Microsoft officially killed off… Read More »

New Appointment – Lesley Bizley
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As part of our expansion plans, we are very pleased to announce that we have appointed Lesley Bizley as an additional director to Mark Andrew Smith Limited (Eire). Lesley has in the past worked for our UK operation so is very familiar with our operation and software systems before she moved to Ireland. Lesley will… Read More »

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