Low Cost Bespoke Software

Modular Software Design
Modular Software Design

Welcome to Mark Andrew Smith Limited and thank you for stopping by on this page.  We help small businesses by writing low cost bespoke custom software, tailored for any industry sector and do it in a unique way that is affordable to every small business with no up front software development fees.  You simply pay us a fixed fee per month based on the number of clients you have.

When a small business says they want an “app”, when you analyse what they actually need in nearly every case is some form of a back office, admin, booking, database system to help them grow their business either through direct sales, or by streamlining a process to free up more time in which to serve more customers. Importantly, small businesses need this to be inside a low cost monthly budget that they can afford, which is what we can offer you.

We have years of experience of building these software systems and in 90% of cases they are all very much the same.  A login screen is the same, a customer edit screen is very much the same.  Only 10% of the design is the bespoke part that needs to be written for your business, as that is what makes your business unique.

Consider a large motor manufacturer, they will have the design of engines, gearboxes and axles in modular form that can be pulled together to form next years new car model.  We do the same, but with software.

Creating New Bespoke Software Modules

Modular Software Design
Building your application

Our off the shelf software modules form around 70% of the system we can build for you, the rest, ie the bespoke part we would write for you, we can deliver this at no extra cost other than the fixed monthly software rental fee and deliver a working system typically within 6 months of you signing up with us.  You may ask, do we charge for the remaining 30%?  No.  We retain the rights to the software, and put this module back on the shelf for the future.  We are investing in our own future and yours in this manner, however, you will still need to pay us the normal low cost monthly flat rate fee during this development period.

Software As A Service (Saas)

We charge a flat rate monthly low cost fee from sign up based on the number of clients you have (see pricing) which gives you not only value for money, but additionally a fixed monthly budget that does not change until you grow and have more clients.

We host your application on our own multi server cluster, guaranteeing a 99% availability, so that there are no up front computer hardware costs for a small business to purchase either.  We ensure your data is safely backed up, and work with you closely to ensure that your application is GDPR compliant.

Low Cost Software For Any Industry Sector

We write all manner of low cost bespoke software, and for any industry sector. You see, if you break down software into modular parts, then it becomes really easy to write customised software for any sector and still maintain a low price.

Our Mucklestone Office
Our Mucklestone Office

Understanding the requirements of your business and the sector you are in is the key, so we have a meeting room to enable you a space away from your own business to discuss options, draw screen layouts, play with and have ideas in a brain storming think tank session.

We are a strong believer that software should support your business and your long term business plan.  With this, we usually ask for not only your requirements, but, also your future wish list so that we can have this in mind when writing the software for you as knowing this future direction can make writing the software easier.

Developing your Bespoke Software

Developing Your Low Cost Bespoke Software

During the development period, we split the development work into key stages, or releases with target dates.  We work closely with your business to ensure we are delivering the right software for your business needs, and often ask you to log into our test area to try out your new software build before we release it to your users in your production area.

Look at our reviews, low cost pricing, and then simply call us for an informal chat to see if we can assist your business growing to the next level.

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