Internet Explorer Discontinued
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By | 18th August 2021

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We pride ourselves in developing software that is browser independent, and for years we have included IE (Internet Explorer).

For over 25 years, Internet Explorer remained the browser that Microsoft claimed was a core part of their early operating systems and couldn’t be disabled.

Microsoft Drops Support for Internet Explorer

Yesterday, Microsoft officially killed off this web browser, as it’s replacement Edge is available for Windows 7 onward, so there is no excuse to still be using such old software technology.

It it understood that IE is still used by around 3% of the population globally.  However, all of our clients now use either Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

RIP Internet Explorer

We have, alas, decided to stop developing software for Internet Explorer, and with its’ quirks, I can say from a developer viewpoint, it won’t be missed.  However, over the years, users loved it, so RIP Internet Explorer, you were a friend to many, even if it was just to download another browser of choice.

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