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Software security.

Log4j exploit
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We have been alerted that there is a known software bug in an Apache Java module called log4j that can allow an attacker to gain access to your servers. Log4j We can confirm that we do not use log4j nor have it installed on our Apache servers, so we are not affected by the current… Read More »

Internet Explorer Discontinued
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We pride ourselves in developing software that is browser independent, and for years we have included IE (Internet Explorer). For over 25 years, Internet Explorer remained the browser that Microsoft claimed was a core part of their early operating systems and couldn’t be disabled. Microsoft Drops Support for Internet Explorer Yesterday, Microsoft officially killed off… Read More »

Two Factor Authentication
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Some clients have the requirement to secure their online web application with a two stage login, this is called two factor authentication (or sometimes 2FA), and is usually split between something you have and something you know, usually with one of the two items expiring.  Typical logons are a two stage or two screen logon… Read More »