BREXIT Statement of Readiness
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As a company, we are committed to providing the best support that we can through both software and service.  With this, we can now say that we have implemented steps in which to maintain our high level of service irrespective of the how the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.  We are not making any form of political statement, but, I would like to share with you our plans to support all of our clients irrespective of location or industry sector.  In short, as a business, we are ready with the following plans.

If the UK remains in the EU

Well, with this option, this is the easy one, nothing changes, and we all carry on as normal.  From an IT viewpoint, the main thing for us is that we would continue to remain under the rule of the ECJ (see Safe Harbour below).  However, at this late stage, it is highly unlikely this will happen, and so we must consider what contingency plans we have for the other two options.

The UK leaves the EU with some sort of “agreement” deal

This is the most controversial, as I understand that some people are complaining that the “soft exit” deal arranged with the EU is a poor deal and ties us to the EU.  From an IT viewpoint, the main thing for us is that we would remain under the rule of the ECJ (see Safe Harbour below).

The UK leaves the EU without a deal on WTO rules

Well this one is tricky, as some industry sectors, like aerospace, chemical and pharmaceutical, need to remain under EU/ECJ rule, due the huge costs of realigning outside the EU and still provide a product and/or service compatible with EU legislation.  We will offer all of our clients in both territories the option to swap to our other service company if it is necessary to keep a contract under EU/ECJ rule (see Contract Transfers below).

Notes: Safe Harbour

The UK would remain under the rule or the European Court of Justice, and, since the ECJ in 2015 ruled that the “Safe Harbour”, storing data between the EU and US null and void, this means we need to ask our clients, users, client’s users etc., who are EU citizens, explicit permission to store data globally, ie outside the EU.  All of our systems now do this automatically as part of the EU’s GDPR law, so this software provision has already been solved, but continued consideration is needed in the future if UK and EU law begin to diverge.

Notes: Contract Transfers

We, as your software and/or services provider can deliver your service from either our Irish or UK office giving you the best of both worlds.  Should you need to consider transferring a contract with us (in either direction) we will do so and the other company in the group will honour the terms of the other’s contract for the remaining contract duration.  The value of the contract (or remaining contract) will be set at the time of the transfer taking any exchange rate on the day into consideration.  A new 12 month contract may be necessary in certain circumstances.

Notes: Article 50 Extension

If there is a delay to the UK leaving the EU, then our contingency plans still hold, but, are simply delayed by however long the delay is.

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