comms rack

We are partnered with a number of leading Internet Service Providers so that we can find the best deal be it either low cost, or speed of up or down link to suit your business requirements.

We also provide an accurate estimate of what your throughput of the link will actually be like, rather than use “up to” figures.

We specialise in tying these Internet connection links together in which to provide a backup “fail-over” always on Internet, ie if your primary link fails, then your router will automatically switch to the alternative reserve link, so the perception to the user is that the Internet is always available.  When the primary Internet link is available again, the router automatically switches back.  Ideal when your business data is in the cloud.

As we have considerable network knowledge, we can pre-configure special fail over routers with their backup connections before they are sent to your office, or branch office.  We can then remotely support any changes to your router configuration.

Leased Lines


We can advise and provide leased lines to your business premises.  Firstly, we find out your data requirements before recommending and committing you to expensive leased lines.  Leased lines are exceptionally good at being both reliable and also able to move large amounts of data around quickly with little latency, however, both installations and monthly costs can be high.


Most small businesses opt for this type of connection, and this has excellent results in being able to link branch offices to a main or head office over secure virtual private network links.   We can advise and set all this up for you.


Based on slightly older technology with less throughput, ADSL can still be useful for home tele-workers, rural areas, and very small branch offices.  ADSL can also be an alternative backup link in case of a failed primary Infinity or leased line.

Fail over links

failover router

We can advise and configure a special router to reconnect via another connection if the primary link fails.  Typical secondary connections can be Infinity (for leased lines), ADSL or mobile 4G/3G.  This useful functionality is becoming more important where data is moved into the cloud so that your users are able to still connect to services, data, emails and/or clients.

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