Here is a list of services and products that we provide…

Case Centre Pro

Case Centro Pro is an online case management help desk software case reporting and ticketing system with a built in customer relationship management database, with versions and prices to suit every maintenance service provider company in your industry sector.  There are a number of different features available based on service industry sector and volume licensing.

Remote Desktops

Remote Desktops allow your business to have all your users on the same version of software and be able to access and share data even when they are in different locations around the globe.


RKive.IT is a hybrid local (for speed) and remote (for safety) data storage system enabling small businesses the ability of storing large amounts of data cheaply.  A customer rents a NAS device from us which we install on their LAN.  The customer can use any backup software they like to store data on the NAS device.  Any data stored there is then replicated to our own off-site data storage vault.


Search Engine Optimisation

We provide both search engine optimisation and social media integration from our UK office.

Software Design

We provide bespoke software design services from our Irish office.

Spam Safe Mail

Spam Safe Mail is a low cost SMTP network spam filter, aggressively filtering spam and viruses at the network level before it even reaches a clients mail server.

Wider Area Network Services

We can offer clients specialist services on our wider area network.  We can provide clusters, virtual machines, firewalls, virtual private networks.

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